The newsletter of the Mid-Chilterns branch of CAMRA will keep you up to date with real ale events stories and reports from around the area.


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Spring 2019 Spring Tapler 2019.pdf

Winter 2018 WinterTapler18.pdf

Autumn 2018 Autumn Tapler 2018.pdf

Summer 2018 Summer Tapler 2018.pdf

Spring 2018 Spring Tapler 2018.pdf

Winter 2017 MidChilternsTaplerWinter2017.pdf

Autumn 2017 CHILTERN TAPLER AUTUMN 2017.pdf

Summer 2017 Summer Tapler 2017.pdf

Spring 2017 Spring Tapler 2017.pdf

Winter 2016/17 Winter Tapler 2016.pdf

Autumn 2016 Tapler Autumn 2016 Chiltern Tapler.pdf

Summer 2016 Tapler Summer 2016 Tapler.pdf

Spring 2016 Tapler Spring 2016 Tapler.pdf




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