This week we are celebrating one of our branch’s most innovative breweries – Mad Squirrel.

Mad Squirrel was started by owners Greg and Jason in 2010, serving cask beer to many a wonderful rural pub in the Chilterns. Not before long, the brewery had carved out a market of contemporary styles sold through a chain of modern beer bars – a vibrant rebrand beckoned. In 2017 the brewery became the Mad Squirrel that we know and love today, having won many awards whilst opening their six locations (including a brewery tap) along the way.

Artisan pizzas are a staple offering at many of Mad Squirrel’s taprooms – plenty of amazing beer and food pairings to be made!

Today, Mad Squirrel brew a core range of cult classics such as $UMO and Roadkill, though stalwarts such as London Porter and Mister Squirrel Bitter show pride in their traditional cask ale beginnings. The brewery’s core range is joined by an ensemble cast of seasonal and one-off beers that have earned them their innovative reputation, including German Doppelbocks, Belgian Witbiers and luscious lip-smacking sour ales.

$UMO, flanked by Zealous Pilsner, Roadkill IPA and Hopfest Pale Ale.

Mad Squirrel Brewery – constantly evolving, often in unexpected ways!



A can of the renowned Hoodwink White Stout. Hoodwink is a golden beer that has been crafted with lactose, vanilla and cocoa. Pale in colour but rich and malty in flavour, this mind-bending brew is a testament to Mad Squirrel’s intrigue and dynamism.


Mad Squirrel Brewery Taproom (Potten End), Mad Squirrel Taproom Chesham, Mad Squirrel Taproom St. Albans, Mad Squirrel Taproom High Wycombe, Mad Squirrel Taproom Berkhamsted, Mad Squirrel Amersham, The Full House (Hemel Hempstead), Fishery Wharf Cafe (Boxmoor), The Fishery (Boxmoor), Marchmont Arms (Hemel Hempstead), Platform Wines (Berkhamsted), madsquirrelbrew.co.uk

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