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Happy Beer Day Britain! Beer Day Britain is the UK’s national beer day, celebrated annually on June 15th. The brainchild of beer sommelier Jane Peyton, #BeerDayBritain is open to everyone and is not exclusive to any one organisation or style of beer. The day aims to celebrate the nation’s rich brewing heritage, crescendoing at 7pm… Continue reading BEER DAY BRITAIN 2021


This week sees us turn our focus to the CAMRA ‘LocAle‘ scheme.. LocAle is an initiative that promotes pubs stocking locally brewed real ale in order to reduce the number of ‘beer miles’ from brewery to pub cellar. It is based on growing consumer demand for quality local produce and increasing awareness of environmental issues.… Continue reading LocAle

St Patrick’s Day: A Celebration of Irish Red Ale

St Patrick’s Day is the annual celebration of Irish culture and its patron saint Patrick ‘the Apostle of Ireland’. Celebrated globally on-or-around the 17th of March, St Patrick’s Day is synonymous with dry stout, however this is not the only style that the Irish lay claim to. Irish Red Ale is a sweet, malty beer, brewed at… Continue reading St Patrick’s Day: A Celebration of Irish Red Ale


Today marks the start of British Pie Week, a week dedicated to the undisputed champion of pub-grub. To mark our celebrations, we’ve paired three distinctly British pies with their luscious beery counterparts. Let’s tuck in! BEGINNINGS In history’s rich tapestry, pie first appears in Ancient Egypt, where a succelent honey filling was encrusted in oats,… Continue reading BRITISH PIE WEEK 2021

The Beer Lover’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love popularised by the catholic church, thought to be in Pagan origin. Pagan, Christian or otherwise, millions of Brits flock-to-the-shops each year in search of cards, chocolates and flowers for their loved ones. Although beer is omitted from this trio, there are many ways in which these themes can… Continue reading The Beer Lover’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

#Tryanuary Pub Safari

Whilst a cat, a horse and a swan would normally have you racing back to the ticket office in demand of an immediate refund, this special #Tryanuary safari is a pub crawl of Mid-Chilterns boozers that take their namesakes from the animal kingdom. Doesn’t sound so bad now, does it? Tryanuary is a volunteer-led campaign,… Continue reading #Tryanuary Pub Safari


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